Why 21?

Why 21?

Why 21?


In November 2009, the owners of The Melting Pot Restaurants had a vision to create a modern fast-casual burger restaurant that offered a unique variety of high-quality items with lasting appetite appeal to people of all ages. After all, burgers are and will always be an American passion.

Since the dawn of what’s been called the “Era of Upscale Burgers” in 2001, chefs in America had been elevating the burger and creating unique culinary interpretations, resulting in more refined and demanding palates among burger-loving consumers. Working with the team at our restaurant support center, President, Mark Johnston and his wife, VP of Concept Development, Arlene Johnston, had a strong desire to create a restaurant that would stand out as a unique concept and satisfy those palates.

After researching and taste-testing hundreds of burgers, the team landed on 21 different menu items- thus Burger 21 was born. The team then begin the work creating the restaurant’s décor, culture, and identity.

The first Burger 21 location opened in the Westchase area of Tampa, Fla., in November 2010 bringing people of all ages together to enjoy innovative and delicious recipes for gourmet burgers, fries, salads, shakes and more in a modern and fun environment. From the start, it was typical to see tables filled with families of three generations engaged in conversation over Burger 21’s unique burger creations such as The Ahi Tuna, Tex-Mex Haystack and The Skinny turkey burger and signature shakes like Bananas Foster and Salted Caramel Pretzel.

Burger 21 established a clear and fun culture from day one, providing guests with a warm, friendly, and approachable experience.

As part of Burger 21’s culture, we are committed to the communities that we serve – with each restaurant partnering with local charities or schools for Spirit Night fundraising events. To date, Burger 21 has provided more than $137,000 in contributions to local charities and schools.

The desire to keep innovating and creating the burger flavors that guests want has lead to the creation of many more than 21 burgers. In fact, there are now so many Burger 21 burger creations, the Burger 21 team has had to number each burger. Introducing the burger numbers to guests with the 2016 “What’s Your Number” marketing campaign that encourages guests to choose their favorite burger by it’s number. #WhatsYourNumber

Burger 21 will never stop offering the highest quality ingredients handcrafted into unique crave-able flavor combinations. Burger 21 is the best burger experience ever.


What’s Your Number?  (Current and Past Burger 21 burgers)

1 101
2 Cheesy
3 Bacon Cheesy
4 Shroom
5 Cinco
6 Loaded Spud
7 Tex-Mex Haystack
8 BBQ Bacon
9 Black + Bleu
10 OMG
11 Skinny
12 Ahi Tuna
13 Buffalo Chicken
14 Cobb
15 Mediterranean Chicken
16 Spicy Thai Shrimp
17 Black Bean
18 Monteray
19 Greek
20 Chicken Parm
21 Signature Burger
22 Breakfast
23 Patty Melt
24 Pizza Burger
25 Steakhouse
26 Bayou
27 Gruyere
28 Marley Meltdown
29 Spicy Cow
30 Turkey Decadence
31 Chicken Cordon Bleu
32 PO Boy Shrimp Burger
33 Philly Cheeseteak
34 Caprese
35 Baja Shrimp
36 Memphis BBQ Pork
37 Curry Banh Mi
28 Southern Pickle
39 Fried Green Tomato
40 Over Easy Bacon Cheesy
41 Steak Marsala
42 Spicy Tuna
43 Picadillo Perfecto
44 Burger Au Poive
45 Turducken
46 Southern Lucy
47 Gyro
48 Steak Frites
49 Portobello Mushroom
50 Impossible Burger
51 BLT
52 Korean BBQ
53 Asian Shrimp
54 Tuna Cali
55 Sweet Heat Chicken
56 Tuscan Chicken
57 Chili Cheese Crunch
58 Cuban
59 Thai Peanut Burger
60 Outlaw
61 Egg-streme
62 Chicken Skinny
63 Chicken Cobb
64 Hawaiian BBQ Pineapple
65 Jalapeno Mac + Cheese
66 Crispy Chick


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